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  1. So, why not skip the trouble?
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He'll call her 'pup'. She'll know him only as E. With the intention of turning her into an obedient little puppy, E starts pup on a meticulous training regimen. She's fitted with a puppy-mask, a tail, and various other accessories, then she's taught how to eat, drink, fetch just like her canine counterparts. Any disobedience is quickly reprimanded.

So, why not skip the trouble?

In addition to her regular duties, pup is trained to for her sexual role. Soon, pleasuring her master becomes her sole pursuit and one she dearly loves.

Well Trained Puppy

She frolics with boy-puppies, is exhibited to strangers, and is given away to other party guests. Though embarrassed to be exposed in public, pup dutifully follows her master's orders.

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In time, she becomes the center of attention at a large party of kinky players. We shared some laughs, I got the approval from my friend to write this post, and most importantly, my friend learned to understand the difference between a well- trained puppy and a well- behaved puppy, and how important the latter is.

Now, I am going to give you the same explanation and advice that I gave my friend.


Just because your dog knows how to do a variety of tricks in order to obtain a reward, definitely does not mean that your dog is 'well-behaved'. I am not only a dog trainer, but also, more importantly, a dog behaviorist for this reason. The hard part is understanding their behaviors and how to change them. Rosie did very well performing her tricks on command, but misbehaved in other areas, such as jumping up on me and not coming when her owner called her.

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  • If I had to choose, I would most certainly choose to have a dog who is 'well-behaved' rather than 'well-trained'. First off, you need to focus on having a 'well-behaved' dog before having one that is 'well-trained'.

    Well-Trained or Well-Behaved? | All Things Pups™

    Rehabilitating your dog and working through unwanted behaviors is the most important, as well as the most difficult part of raising a dog. It is up to you to teach your dog what is appropriate behavior and what is not appropriate in every single area. A new puppy has so much to learn, so it's important for you to tackle this task of teaching him what is appropriate and what is not immediately!

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    • Focus on getting your dog to listen and respect you, on crate training and potty training, on leash walking, and the appropriate way to interact with other dogs and people before jumping into teaching your dog tricks! Be very aware of ANY behaviors that your dog displays that you do not want him doing long-term and nip them in the bud immediately.

      Many people allow their puppies to exhibit inappropriate behaviors such as jumping up on people just because they are only puppies and think that they will grow out of it. The longer you allow your dog to perform a behavior whether good or bad the longer he will continue to perform the behavior and t he harder it will be to make him stop this behavior.