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Harsh Desert Wind Frequent springtime windstorms without additional rain can bring about a quick end to the spring bloom or even prevent it from happening by killing off delicate sprouts. Dry, moving air dehydrates exposed surfaces of all living things, including human beings. Desert plants often have waxy, hairy or spiny leaves to baffle the wind and retain precious moisture. Humans carry and drink water as needed, but the wildflowers grow and bloom only until they dry out or late-spring heat arrives, leaving seeds scattered on the desert floor to produce the next generation.

Please remember, you are in a National Park. Regulations prohibit picking of wildflowers so that they may produce seed for the next wildflower season. Box Death Valley , CA Info Alerts Maps Calendar.

Alerts In Effect Dismiss. Heading up Emigrant Canyon Road paved , or one of the unpaved higher elevations roads, there are plant species blooming between 3, and 5, feet. Lucky visitors will see Globemallow and Prince's Plume blooming. Want to know more about how the winter weather will affect the wildflower blooms?

The wildflower "super-bloom" of was a rare event for Death Valley that occurs only when conditions are perfect.

Weather and Blooming Death Valley is famous for its spectacular, spring wildflower displays, but those are the exception, not the rule. Desert gold and sand verbena bloom on the valley floor. Kurt Moses A good wildflower year depends on at least three things: It's leaves and stalks were covered with little stickers or needles.

This one is the Miniature Wool Star. Not a common flower, but it is found in Arizona in several places in rocky areas in the desert. This is the Desert Fairy Duster. Although not found as often as some of the other flowers in the desert. It is, as you can see, a beautiful specimen. It was growing quite prolifically all along the washes going into the Red Cloud Mine, California.

This is the Southwestern Pricklypoppy.

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This is the Indian Paintbrush. It's a beautiful red flower found mostly in the high desert.

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You can't miss this one. This is the Desert Lily. It was found in Baja, Mexico. They are also found in the Sonoran Desert in the Southwest. It's in the Agave family. And this flower has a bulb like an oinion, without the smell or taste.

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You will be given credit for any information, or photos supplied to us that are used on the site. Glandular Cape Marigold or African Daisy. Martin Feldner ID'd this plant as a parasitic plant and not a mushroom or fungus. What a neat find. Rare plant with small purple flowers. Scaly Stemmed Sand Plant.

Desert bloom - Wikipedia

This year they are more abudant than normal. It holds itself in a cup form, later in the day when it is warmer it will unfold and expose it's five crimson spots. Ocotillo blooms are very pretty in the desert.

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Most of it's blooms are not yet open. Another photo of the Southwestern Pricklypoppy. Very pretty desert plant that can reach heights of 18 ft.

The World's Driest Desert Blooms With Hundreds Of Flowers After Rare Rain

Also called "bushmints" because of the shape of it's leaves mint like. Found in the desert southwest and usually blooms in early spring March. Never found above 3, ft.