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A group of artists diving headlong into them with passion, open minds and impressive programming skills Streaming and Download help. If you like Near Life Experience, you may also like:.

Near Life Experience | Cosmicleaf Records

Thirty Three by AstroPilot. Packed to the brim with epicness. Inevitability 24bits by Eguana. Spacetime by Unusual Cosmic Process. This album takes up so much space Each sound is so precisely put. Such amazing attention to detail in each track. A near-life experience has unfortunately become the default for many of us living in the modern, industrialized world. Advances in technology have led to unprecedented access to information and communication. With this in mind, what steps can we take to avoid a near-life experience and lead richer, more fulfilling, and happier lives?

In fact, mindfulness is now being taught and practiced in hospitals and outpatient clinics, Fortune companies, schools, prisons, and the military.

Near Life Experience

Mindfulness simply means being aware of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment on a moment-to-moment basis. It means paying attention to what is , rather than getting lost in our thoughts about the future or the past. A large body of evidence has shown that practicing mindfulness—even for a short time—increases positive emotions while reducing negative emotions and stress.

Here are a few simple tips for getting started with mindfulness practice, from psychologist and mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn: There are numerous ways to learn more about mindfulness and deepen your practice. You can take an 8-week class at many locations across the US, or learn online. My 14Four program, which helps you optimize your diet, sleep, physical activity, and stress management in 14 days, has several mindfulness tutorials on audio and video. And this link has some additional resources and videos worth checking out.


Most people who multitask would tell you they do it because it makes them more productive. On the surface, this makes sense. There is also some evidence that multitasking may weaken cognitive ability. In fact, the very idea of multitasking is a myth. If you are multitasking, you are simply switching back and forth between tasks very quickly.

A recent survey found that three-quarters of workers reply to email within an hour of receiving it, and on average employees check their email 36 times an hour. The average person picks up their phone and interacts with it times a day. Not surprisingly given the multitasking information I shared above, reducing the frequency of checking your email and social media accounts has been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity.

This single step has increased my productivity dramatically, in addition to relieving stress and improving the quality of my experience. Both smartphones and more recently computer operating systems have the capacity to notify you when just about anything happens—from someone replying to your Facebook post, to someone sending you an email, to an artist you like releasing a new album, to a file being uploaded to a Dropbox folder you share with someone else.

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The more applications you have on your phone or computer, the more often you will be notified. And since these notifications are usually turned on by default, unless you turn them off you can quickly find yourself receiving notifications per hour. Of course there are certain notifications which can be very helpful like appointment reminders , and there are some cases where certain people will need certain notifications.

You will know what those are. This is one of the concerns I have with the iWatch. Many of us are tethered to our phones and other electronic devices 24 hours a day, even sleeping with them close by. This has meant learning to say no to projects and tasks that are not important. This has evolved into a regular practice for me, with monthly, weekly, and daily attention.

Each month I sit down and identify the five most important projects or goals that I want to accomplish for that month. At the beginning of each week I then identify the tasks that I can do that week that will move me closer to finishing those projects or achieving those goals. And at the start of each day, I list the three most important tasks that I can do that day. This ensures that I am focused on only the tasks that matter to me. Which of these suggestions, if any, do you think might be helpful? Are you willing to commit to one of them for the next week? Let us know in the comments section.

Mix - Lifehouse - "Near Life Experience" w/ lyrics on screen

This website contains affiliate links, which means Chris may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. Thanks for your support! As always — love it all. My favourite tips are going off the grid and stopping the multitasking. Neglecting these two are traps I often fall into. I get too overwhelmed by the feeling of business to cut myself a break and spend time in nature, untethered from all my devices.

I also get a nagging feeling whilst doing a task that I should be doing something else, so the multitasking sets in. My husband and I are business owners. How can I get him to see the disappointment that the kids and I have that he is making his device more important than his family? I think his belief is he IS doing what is best for his children and family, by giving first priority to the business of business that keeps the roof overhead and food on the table. The monetized reality we dwell with makes it an act of love to never let the chance to earn a buck slip through our fingers.

It is a difficult veil to rend asunder. What a brilliant idea! On my free days with family over the weekend, I do not use the framework I mentioned in 6. Watching webinars and checking email at the same time.

Near-Death, Near-Life and Real-Life Experiences

I will be more mindful of that. I am offended by friends and family who are on their devices while I am spending time with them. I want to text them or FB message them to ask them if I should come back another time when they have more time. These are great ideas to be more present. I just started batching my email a few weeks ago and it really does help.

How To Avoid a Near-Life Experience

I feel a lot more focused. Phone addicts — I hate this too! You left out prayer. Being mindful of God is far better than concentrating on oneself. Diane, Glad you mention prayer; mindfulness of the food we are about to eat; there is a prayer over the sight of a rainbow; does the 5 off the grid sound like remembering the Sabbath to keep it holy? Old ideas in a modern setting; we adapt! I focus on something else as Juanita suggests, and I second your comment on prayer. Being in the philosophical sense. The lyrics fit this idea as well, the thoughts of someone who is depressed, dejected, probably suicidal, references to cutting, and using some other harsh things to cope with those emotions.

Sitting in the improved state of mind and looking back on the things that happened and trying to decipher them all. The title is ironic, it is a play on words "Near death experience" becomes "Near Life Experience" because the person in the song did not die, the decided to stay. I was listening to an old CD by Lifehouse and it seemed like almost a precurser to this song. If you play the song 'All in All' from their first cd or even better is "Cling and Clatter" from no name face.

Both mirror the idea pretty well and speaks to the old self vs. I may have the wrong track, but dig through the old catalog and I'm sure you will find it. I recall both of them referenced falling, making the line about being on your knees stick out I was listening to an old CD by Lifehouse and it seemed like almost a precurser to this song.

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