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Summary Funnel Review Analysis Jaffes Ebook PDF B04a2e | Online Shop Now

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No thanks, take me to MarketingSherpa. The traditional marketing funnel is broken, says Joseph Jaffe, marketing consultant and author. Its emphasis on customer acquisition means marketers spend most of their time looking for new customers rather than nurturing the ones they already have.

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Everyone knows you should treat your customers well. Good customer service can encourage repeat customers, higher average order values and referrals. The Internet, blogging and social media have made customer service even more important -- some say vitally so.

And in the current business environment, this demands a complete realignment of an age-old marketing paradigm: The basic marketing funnel starts wide -- acquiring as many prospects as possible through marketing campaigns and leading them on a path to conversion.

As more consumers decide not to convert, the funnel narrows until customers reach the purchase point. Jaffe argues in his new book "Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones," which he launched this month at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit, that this approach squanders resources while passing up a huge opportunity.

Due to these, and several other challenges explained in his book, Jaffe says the time has come to flip the marketing funnel. These satisfied customers, in turn, can be empowered to share their brand experience with peers and become a new customer acquisition channel. He urges companies to apply the concept not to one effort or department -- but throughout their organizations.

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But like every great journey, it starts with a few small steps. Look at the data The potential benefits of flipping the funnel are revealed in your current sales and marketing data. Funnel analysis involves using a series of events that lead towards a defined goal, like from user engagement in a mobile app to a sale in an eCommerce platform or advertisement to purchase in online advertising. The origin of the term funnel analysis comes from the nature of a funnel where individuals will enter the funnel, yet only a small number of them will perform the intended goals.

For more emphasis, it makes sense why a funnel in analytics is called a funnel.

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An actual funnel, like the ones from a kitchen or garage, gets narrower along its length, allowing less volume to pass through it. An analytics funnel represents a very similar idea, just in regards to users on an eCommerce platform, application or online game. An example of how a company would use funnel analytics is by focusing on drawing actionable insights from funnels.

Funnel analysis can be used to determine conversion and user fallout rates in a given funnel. An analysis to determine the steps that lead to a desired goal in order to improve future interactions in the same funnel can be done for further success.

To illustrate further, looking at how many users actually make it to the end of the funnel, for example to make a purchase or register, compared with how many do not. By continuously monitoring and analyzing funnels, it is possible to assess if changes to an application or platform are having a positive effect on conversion. Using the funnel analytics process, it is then possible to tweak settings or features within the funnel in order to see what makes that number improve. Or when creating a marketing campaign, there is a chance to analyze how well the campaign is working by monitoring a funnel that brings users from the initial event all the way to purchasing a product.

Funnel analysis helps determine the point in which users are dropping off.

The next step is to understand why they're dropping off, in order to reduce drop off rates and in turn increase overall conversion. Meeting the Challenge of the Unexpected: PDF-b8ffb The book addresses the vital issue of how business leaders can prepare themselves to deal with the impact of unexpected events. It raises key questions for leaders to address if they are to avoid being distracted by crisis and remain in touch with a wider context that is subject to constant uncertainty and change…. Meeting the Challenge of the Unexpected.

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Meeting the Challenge of the Unexpected by by G.