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I rated this book a 5 out of 5 stars. Feb 20, Angela rated it liked it.

I borrow this book from school. It was a rather short and easy-to-read-book, I wish it was longer, its feel the story went on fast thought I read it in a slow pace. I thought the story was quit enjoyable and I really like the message with doing something noble with your life. Jul 23, Erica rated it it was amazing. Who is this author?? I almost cried at the end of this book, and very rare do I get emotional when reading.

Read it for yourself and you'll see what I mean. Mar 15, Kiana rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I've ever read. View all 3 comments. Nov 27, Sharon rated it it was amazing. This is a short, simple and straightforward tale. The mother here is someone you both like and relate to as she goes about her life doing what mothers need to do.

I did not see the twist coming and was floored by it. William Kowalski is new on my radar, but I will seek out more of his titles. His target audience is young adult, but I believe he also has broader appeal.

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Feb 08, Tyler rated it it was amazing. The novel starts out with a lovely single parent family trying to raise her two sons, but one of her boys unfortunately is experiencing a life threatening experience. Since Dre has a rare blood type so that sends Linda out searching for a new kidney. Linda soon discovers that she will have to take it to the extreme and contact some very interesting people related to Dre. Every page you read in this novel is filled with action packed scenes.

The book is also filled with dramatic events mixed with failure and success. The author did a very good job by introducing the characters and always saying where and what they were doing. I think the author could have improved on making the book a little longer with a little more suspense, but the novel was definitely a page turner. William Kowalski included a lot of details and was very descriptive about the different settings and different characters. He painted a picture in my mind as I read the novel, and it felt like I was there with Linda and Dre in every scene. View all 4 comments.

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Jul 28, Sherri rated it liked it Shelves: Marco, 6, and Dre, Finally, the doctors determine that Dre needs a kidney transplant and Linda wonders how she will ever find the money to pay for this expensive procedure, let alone find a match for her son with the rare AB blood type. Unfortunately, he is not a good match for Dre, but Linda learns of someone else who might be a good fit: LeVon is a notorious, gangbanging, drug-dealing thug who has never done a noble thing in his life. How can Linda meet him on his turf and convince him, for once, to do something decent and give up a kidney for Dre?

This Orca-sibling book will appeal to reluctant readers who enjoy a fast-paced family drama with a little edge. Oct 12, Hanad rated it it was amazing.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book called Something noble by william Kowalski. Her name is linda, and she is a nurse. Linda lives paycheck to paycheck, she does not have enough money to take care her family. Dre's father is in jail. Dre's father had an other boy called Levon.

Something Noble

Levon is a gang member. Levon helps his brother by donating his a kedny. Levon died because of the kedny transplant. I liked this book about many things. My favorite charterer is Linda.

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She is a good mother. Jan 11, Maeve Doyle rated it liked it. I did not know what quite to make of this book until I researched "Rapid Reads" and in the spirit of the goal behind Rapid Reads, I really enjoyed this story. Every character in the story has behaved ignobly at some point in their lives and each has an opportunity to do "something noble".

I admired the protagonist, Linda, for her determination and for her devotion to her children. I did wonder, though, about the wisdom of inviting danger in the form of LeVon into her home.

Something Noble by William Kowalski

I am not sure a mother, I did not know what quite to make of this book until I researched "Rapid Reads" and in the spirit of the goal behind Rapid Reads, I really enjoyed this story. I am not sure a mother, even a desperate one, would have done that. The characters were believable, admirable and despicable. The story was fast-paced and relevant.

Something Noble - Rapid Reads Crime

If you are someone who struggles to read, the tension will keep you glued to the story until the very satisfying ending. Oct 22, Adrienna rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is classified as an "easy read" in my C library C Facility , but even though it is written in first person, I truly am liking the storyline. I feel like I am watching and feeling the main character who is a mom, losing her teen child to kidney failure, and last hope is to go to his father that's in prison to ask for his kidney.

But the father never had anything to do with his son and only wants to do the kidney transplant to get lesser time in prison, so it is all about him and his be This book is classified as an "easy read" in my C library C Facility , but even though it is written in first person, I truly am liking the storyline. But the father never had anything to do with his son and only wants to do the kidney transplant to get lesser time in prison, so it is all about him and his benefit, than his son's. So further along, more turns for the worse happen, for a disadvantage, challenged family and wondering what mommy will do to help her son.

Nov 10, Zewudu rated it really liked it.

This book is about young mom who has two son's. Life is hard for her but when she find out that her oldest son need kidney transplant life become more struggling for her because she doesn't have that much money and the biggest problem was the person who give kidney is drug dealer. To save her son's life she has to find him and talk to him about it. The year-old "hangs" down in the Projects, "one of the most notorious places in the city" complete with "shootings, stabbings, drug deals.

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She approaches him and asks whether he'd like to meet his brother, Dre, and enjoy a home-cooked meal sometime. Astonished, LeVon, laughs her off, but one day when returning with Dre from dialysis, Linda spots LeVon on the street, pulls over, introduces the boys, and invites LeVon to dinner, much to Dre's dismay. The appearance of a cop car encourages LeVon to decide to come for dinner where things seem to be going well until six-year-old Marco, Linda's second son, thanks LeVon for giving "Dre a new kidney. Three months later when LeVon calls from "the joint" and asks to see Linda, she willingly visits him and learns Terrell has been stabbed by a fellow inmate, and LeVon, having had ample time to think about his own choices, has decided he wants to put "things right" in his life and do "something noble" like donating a kidney to Dre.

Like his father, LeVon hopes his generous act will help him with the parole judge to get him "outta here early. The surgeon assures both young men they "have long lives ahead. A year later, despite some setbacks in the recovery process, Dre returns to high school determined to complete his studies and become a doctor. LeVon's picture has become an icon in the Gonzales' home, his contribution a gift none of them will forget. Set in a large metropolitan area, the novel touches on a variety of social issues, among them single-parenthood, teenage pregnancy, poverty, economic inequities, drug dealing, crime, inter-racial relations, motherhood, life-threatening illness, and the complexities of families.

Paced to attract the attention of young adult and adult readers, the story deals with intensely emotional issues of life and death, includes only a few characters that are adequately drawn, is short and action-centered, and like other novels in the "Rapid Reads" series, is written between a 2. The "contemporary and entertaining" plot uses adult language and deals with current themes, although the "good-son-survives" conclusion might be a little too tidy. Darleen Golke, a former secondary school teacher-librarian, writes from Abbotsford, BC.

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