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  4. The Joy Of Being A Nobody

People thought it was funny to poke her when she was at rock bottom, to keep pushing her down until she had no more of herself. I would not wish this upon anyone. My worst fear is waking up and finding something bad about me on the Internet. There are restrictions to this kind of fame. According to him, social media makes it all-too easy for fans to track his movements: So your life must be so great. Like stepping out for spontaneous adventures? Then the carefully planned famous life is probably not for you. Red Cross Warns of Shelter Conditions.

The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. If this is the case, you are in excellent company: Don't be confused by the prefix: There you have it. One of these words means one thing, and the other word means something else. No, it is not. Here are a few ways that things which look simple in English are decidedly not so.

Why must this be so? Was the English language actually created by a cruel and vengeful god, or was it perhaps all put together in a single afternoon by a committee of unlearned and bickering idiots? No, neither of these theories, so far as we can tell, have much evidence to support them. I wonder how the results may have been different if the poll was placed somewhere away from an article on the disadvantages of being famous.

I thought the same thing. I voted for money AND fame, but only if I got to choose the source of fame. No interest in being a Kardashian but would be pretty cool to be known as someone who invented a great product or an author or academic whose work many respected. Though my husband and I are by no means rich or famous , we make choices to hopefully be able to retire early. To our families, since we do not come from wealth, we would be seen as rich. So we keep our finances and successes to ourselves and they do not expect anything from us. We have a close family member who chose to leave their job and travel and now has zero funds and works retail jobs to make ends meet.

I think the selfie posting is a mental disorder. I prefer money than fame too. This is so true. I find it so interesting the people in my circle that jump to every single opportunity to explain the next big project they have or the new luxury car they are looking to buy. In reality all you do is sound obnoxious and no one around you actually cares.

However, when you can sit back and just listen to all the chatter, it makes life more enjoyable. I find a lot of motivation and peace when I hear all of the people around me brag about their newest investment and explain that they have the world figured out. Stealth wealth is the only way to go.

13 Celeb Confessions That Will Make You Never Want to Be Famous

Not only that, but what is better than running a profitable website in secret while still collecting a healthy salary and benefits from your employer? It is a great feeling to have a creative release from work that also makes money for sure. A lot of the petty behavior generally goes away as we age. And then there are people who have always been attention-seekers and they will really not change much when they age anyway.

We all probably know 1 or 2 of them. It seems like the readership here and in the PF space overall likes to keep pretty low-key which is good. The most effective argument is the kids one. I think you covered this in an earlier article with a single word or rather two: Still remember the article. One of the first I read here and made me stay for more. I chose not rich and not famous either. I have no use for fame.

I worked for 10 years as a radio DJ at a local station. Meeting people who listed to my shows was pretty nice when I was I have no use for wealth. Time is the biggest wealth we can possess and I want as much as possible to spend with my family. Every second I get to spend with my daughter is a million bucks for me, she is the love of my life and I cherish every moment we get to spend.

After 10 years of being a full time freelancer, being able to manage my time has been the best perk. Husband is also self-employed and the hours we can spend doing stuff as a family are worth more than an IPO: Stealth Wealth is slightly different. And yes, for those who regularly proclaim how wealthy they are in public likely also suffer from the same self-esteem issues as those who seek constant attention. This sounds very much like the antifragile approach Nassim Taleb preaches. You are convex to all types of stressors.

Famous vs. Infamous | Merriam-Webster

I am very much the same in practice — although admittedly it would be interesting to have some optionality to turn the famous dynamics on and off at whim…if such a thing existed. In a way, I feel like the schooling systems and social media are linked. I remember when I was at that age, I just wanted the next day to already be here so that I could return to school and be with my friends and classmates.

One could argue that when we graduate, social media is the tool to continue the feeling that we are being seen. When Dave Ramsey show wanted to send a film crew to my house to be interviewed for his show, I was reluctant for the privacy reasons.

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Pretty cool about your Dave Ramsey spot. Hours of filming for minutes of airtime. How do you feel now that some time has past after the segment aired? Your story is better than most because it talks about a loss and some tips everyday folks can help get ahead versus just bragging about how wealthy you are.

That said, beware of jealous colleagues, friends, relatives, etc who may now want to undermine you give your public net worth disclosure. The point of being rich is that you can afford to do things you like and avoid doing things you dislike. I completed your poll and not surprising; I answered like the majority…Rich not famous. People need to realize that 20x your expenses is bare minimum to retire.

Through compounding and in the absence of a recession I could attain this goal and many others here will reach their goals. The 20x to 40x expenses depends of what your expenses are. If your expenses are high and flexible 20x can be fine. If pressure mounts as asset returns are too low you can skip business class flights to Europe and fly economy with little issue.

  • Famous vs. Infamous.
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  • Why I'm Glad I'm Not Famous Like Megan Fox and Jodie Foster?

Though you could fill in the revenue side pretty easy if you are healthy. Only you will know when you will finally feel rich.

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Shoot for 20X annual gross income. I absolutely love this post! After working my butt off through college yes, from Harvard and grad school to attain fame and fortune, I have found my greatest happiness being an anonymous stay-at-home mom. Although we are not famous, my husband and I have amassed a fairly sizable fortune through aggressive offense his income and defense my investing and aggressive saving. Since we are not flashy, we can quietly enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I do sometimes have to endure rude comments from people lamenting that I am wasting my education since I am not on a killer career path anymore, but I just smile knowing that I would not trade my life with anyone. I live in accordance with my values, which means raising my kids, contributing to the community, and pursuing enjoyable activities like my martial arts training! Thanks for not being offended by my Harvard alumni example. So what was your secret or defining attribute that got you in?

And I have to agree that being a stay at home dad has brought me more joy and wonderment than any time during adulthood. I believe I got accepted from getting solid grades throughout high school, being a varsity soccer player, and most importantly from getting numerous awards for my work in Latin.

But I loved it and excelled at it, finishing the entire curriculum and doing an independent study in the classics. I remind myself to let my kids pursue their true interests because you never know where it leads. I appreciated the part about exceeding expectations. At work right now, I have a person complaining to my bosses that the support I am providing to my teams is incorrect because it is based on my research, rather than going to her consultant friends to ask a out out-there risks.

My management usually sides with me, but they still are more doubtful than they previously were. But after reading this, I see it as an opportunity to exceed expectations. But how does one build a relationship with you through communion the blog to your point about people emailing you for advice? For me 1 rich and not famous. For most, likely fame is a means to an end and they pay the price with the consequences of fame.

For a few, fame is the goal. If being famous was the only way I could become financially wealthy, I would still not choose fame. I just find that hard to believe.

The prefix is not your friend

I think fame without wealth would be the worst…. The way I look at it I gave up a large chunk of my youth to hard work and long hours for financial independence. Would I give up Anonymity for the same? Well certain types of fame -such as being a famous author who only has name recognition and not physical recognition — that could be cool as it would carry the benefits of fame with out the burdens.

But I did vote money yes fame no. Famous in name, but not in physical recognition is spot on. Like when you check into a hotel or at the plane terminal or whatever and they see the name they recognize and treat you better as a result.


Yes, that would be really nice, and then proceed to walk around hundreds of people with nobody knowing who you are. My top three are still my top three, although Alteryx has moved up slightly. They next three are still the same three, in the same order. Earlier I wrote that I have stocks in ten remarkable companies, each of which I have high confidence in, and each of which I feel dominates a market, is a disruptor, and has a long runway and a great future.

Alteryx was a new position for me last December. Here are the March quarter results. Adj operating margin was minus 3. Adj net income per share was a loss of 1 cent, up from a loss of 6 cents. Added net new customers in the quarter, up from a year ago. They are trying to disrupt and replace a 40 year old database paradigm with something more flexible and adaptable to the modern cloud and big data environment.

The Joy Of Being A Nobody

Here are April quarterly results:. Their goal is to keep growing as fast as they can, and accumulate customers and recurring income, and disrupt their market. Sounds good to me. Nutanix was a new position last September. It closed Friday at It is doing away with the pass-through zero-margin hardware that it was selling, and pivoting to be a pure software company also moving towards a SaaS model.

This makes their revenue growth look deceptively slow because the hardware sales are no longer being counted, and because of subscription revenue being counted only month by month, even if all paid in advance. Nutanix has a Net Promoter Score of 90!!!!!! It means just about all your customers absolutely love you. If you compare apples to apples, revenue was up Okta was another new position in January, a small cyber-security firm.

They are a SaaS company, and are still racking up big losses in net income and even in cash flow. Here are some of the data from the April quarter results. Guidance was so cautious it was silly. Steppenwulf brought it to the board and he eplains what it does better than I ever could:. Pivotal is a cloud solution for me and other application and enterprise architects. It is like a machine that automatically builds a cloud application for me. I give it the design, and the latest version of the code.