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Here are twenty five of our favorite breakfast recipes. Sweet and savory these little delights make a fantastic breakfast! Buttermilk biscuits and mushroom gravy. Blood orange bloody mary , a refreshing breakfast beverage option. Looking for something healthy? Try baked fruit 3 ways! Love us some crispy french toast. Ever try baking your own bagels. Try these everything bagels.

Delicious and kid-friendly although we like them too! These delightful and unexpected grapefruit donuts are one of Emma's favorite recipes from this year. Want more offbeat donut flavors? Try these matcha green tea donuts. In need of some heat, try a jalapeno bloody mary.

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We love these super simple mini quiches made with puff pastry. To satisfy a sweet tooth bake some Nutella cinnamon rolls. Pair these peanut butter sticky buns with your morning cup of coffee. These donuts with chocolate glaze are made super easy by using store-bought biscuits. Try these red velvet waffles with cream cheese syrup.

You'll love these creamy ricotta pancakes. Add a little food dye fancy them up! For a baked pancake version try out these dutch babies.

Café Flore Matin et Soir

Blend up a triple berry smoothie to go. Add your favorite fruit filling to these homemade toaster strudels. Make a big batch of homemade granola and enjoy it all week! Impress your friends with this super easy hollandaise recipe. Save money and make your own iced coffee at home. Are you an oatmeal fan? Check out these homemade oatmeal 9 ways! If you've never tried it you must make stuffed french toast this weekend. For all you peanut butter lovers out there don't be shy now try a peanut butter and hazelnut smoothie. So much to choose from!! I did make the biscuits and mushroom gravy for a family brunch and it was a big hit!

These all look so good! I recently tried baked grapefruit-delicious!

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I also need to buy a doughnut pan. But after looking at all the french toast recipes, I might just need to go make some! Thanks so much for all the inspiration as ever, you girls are such domestic goddesses!! So many yummy recipes and suggestions! I bet they would be good for a sandwhich too!

Have you guys ever thought of publishing cookbooks?

Homemade Breakfast

I highly recommend that! What more can a cookbook ask for? If I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day, I totally would, especially with blood orange bloody marys and the dutch babies! Can not wait to try these. I will be making that ASAP! Oh man that sounds awesome!! I love getting the blowtorch out at breakfast! It would have to be toasted crumpets topped with mashed banana, sprinkled with demerara sugar and blow torched, heaven: The crispy french t?

I guess your breakfasts are always different and joyful, good way to start a brand new day. Woke up to this post- and immediately made myself some of those biscuits for breakfast! Please like my facebook fan page girls!! You never fail to make me so hungry with your food posts! I need to try the doughnut recipes, they look so fun and tasty. So many to choose from! I love breakfast, but I often get in a rut or maybe just lazy when it comes to trying new recipes. All those breakfast recipes are just amazing!

Homemade Breakfast | The Historic Peninsula Inn

I literally want to try every single one of it! Yum, those biscuits and gravy look amazing! I never thought to try out a veggie gravy in that context…breakfast food is just the best. Right now I am all about homemade peanut butter granola http: It is filling but not heavy. And I could eat it every day and not get sick of it! Oh gosh — they all look so glorious…do I have to choose?! My fav breaky is poached eggs with smoked salmon and a beautiful hollandaise sauce… Yum and great work nectarandstone.

Oh my god, this is incredible! I always find it hard to come up with new things for breakfast, thank you soooo much for sharing!

Breakfast with the Ones You Love

Those all look delicious! Thank you so much for sharing these! My friend and I have a Sunday tradition which basically entails me feeding him any breakfast recipes I want to perfect.


I just love your blog! And the phots are to die for! Really really good colours and prespectives! So many amazing ideas! Thanks for the reminder about those nutella buns- this weekend for sure! I gotta try these! But I like savory breakfast as well and sometimes, on Sundays, my bf and I have a English breakfast: Well, I guess if the French can have champagne with orange juice for breakfast Americans can have vodka with tomato juice! All I can really say is YUM! I am totally a sweet breakfast kind of gal and all of these donuts are making my tummy growl!

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! These all look incredible! Breakfast is hands down my favorite meal and I love raking in new ideas to try on the weekends. The baked fruit and grapefruit and green tea donuts? Thank you for sharing! Our favorite was the avocado toast 1, HUF washed down with banana-spinach-basil-matcha smoothie. As it also operates as a square-meter premium-quality delicatessen, we can also buy the ingredients of our breakfast here. The New York Breakfast comes with cold-pressed orange juice boosted with various fresh vegetables and fruit juices.

More details Sonkapult Photo: The ham-and-cheese plate is excellent, as the paper-thin cold cuts and cheeses come with various spreads. Their after-coffee power breakfast truly boosts our energy. Theses dishes can also include a hot drink, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a basket of bread, two kinds of homemade jam, butter, and water 4, HUF. They are also proud of their full-English breakfast , which tastes best boosted with their characteristic homemade sausage.

The interior is eclectic, intermingling new and old design features. A breakfast spent here will definitely became a cherished memory, and we recommend it for special occasions; it is best to come here with someone special. We can order eggs in any possible forms, and with requested toppings. Today, mostly Budapest tourists frequent this breathtaking coffeehouse. More details Villa Bagatelle Photo: During the winter, we can also cozy up inside, and bear in mind that they serve breakfast all day.

More details As of May 25, , we have updated our terms and conditions to comply with General Data Protection Regulation. Our terms and conditions are featured on our website. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Even though it is a girly, Pinterest-styled place dressed in pastel colors, the prices are not positioned towards the sky; we tried their Croque Mademoiselle similar to a grilled-cheese sandwich , which costs forints, and we would come back for it anytime.

When the weather permits, it is also worthwhile to spend some time outside on the terrace. As of May 25, , we have updated our terms and conditions to comply with General Data Protection Regulation.

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