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  1. Who is the Matriarch in Fiction?
  2. A closer look at the traditional woman in stories.
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  4. The Matriarch

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Who is the Matriarch in Fiction?

The lioness who stands behind her husband and helps him rise to even greater heights in his career. Look closer and you will realize that even though she lives to protect and provide for her family, the Matriarch primarily derives her identity as a married woman. Therefore, if push comes to shove and she is asked to choose between her husband and her children, she will always choose her husband and forsake the rest of the family. But does she do it because she is a bad mother?

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She does it because the married unit she forms with her husband is her entire world. Her purpose in life. Without which she is distraught and clueless. So as long as the unit is intact, she can be a strong mother. She believes she is protecting them from harm by making all the decision for them.

A closer look at the traditional woman in stories.

But in reality she is afraid they will outgrow the nest. The outsider she must compete against to have the sole rights to her kid.

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Marriage is very important to the Matriarch. She lives to be married one day. And so she refuses all romantic overtures from men she deems unworthy.

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In fact, when she finally chooses to enter a romantic relationship, she does so with the hope that her paramour will one day become her husband. And so always tries to create this family unit in advance during the course of their relationship. This quest for her other half in marriage is the main reason why the Matriarch is quick to drop and forget her friends once she gets a boyfriend. And also the reason why she wants her wedding day to be perfect. It is, after all, the most important day of her life. The swearing of vows a sign that she is now one with her husband.

In fact, her husband is so integral to her Universe that she finds it very difficult to continue if her husband is separated from her, even if it is a temporary separation for work tours.

This complete dependence on her husband to provide meaning to her life is the reason why she is constantly on the lookout to protect her marriage from seductresses who might cause her husband to stray. You can see it in the way she deals with her husband Zeus and his tendency to romp in the sack outside of their marriage. The Matriarch lives to be loved and respected by her family.

She feels she is entitled to it because of all the love and attention she bestows on them. She is motivated by this because as a child she constantly saw her father abuse and degrade her mother, and vowed that she will never allow her own husband to treat her that way.

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The Matriarch may be a strong woman. But she is still completely dependent on her husband and her family to give her identity. The former much more than the latter.

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A young woman has been kidnapped from a honey and opium farm long exploited by soldiers for its produce. The farm's matriarch needs Bayek 's help. While in Kerke , Bayek came across a few villagers speaking to a lady.

The Matriarch

Bayek infiltrated the military camp and eliminated the soldiers. He found the hostage in one of the tents, laying on the ground. Bayek sought out the docks east of Kerke, and boarded a felucca , following the trails of opium shipments along the Nile. He came upon a trireme carrying opium and infiltrated it. Bayek located the commander and his ship, settled along one of the canals. Bayek killed the commander and his soldiers.