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We have not arrived here by accident. The make-up of these estates varied from country to country and from time to time, but they represented layers of citizenry under the monarch, often expressed as clergy, nobility and common people. In the early 19th century some in Britain noted the rise of a fourth estate, namely the media; they began to see the newspapers of their time as a powerful additional force in shaping ideas and establishing truth.

Knowledge increased, and by the early 20th century science had come to be viewed by some as a fifth estate. In fact, scientific methods and proofs have become much more rigorous over the past century and in the minds of many have fully replaced all earlier approaches, in particular philosophy and religion, as the way to truth. Exact results can be established, after all, by a process of repeated experimentation. It is also one of the largest. By whatever means people seek truth, however, they often have difficulty distinguishing it from the seeming reality of their own perceptions.

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Society by its standards and approaches feeds this misconception. Our law courts claim to operate on the basis of truth, but they allow it to be shaped by the perceptions of the plaintiff, the defendant and the witnesses. The incidence of false convictions undermines such notions of truth. Even science may be based on the perceived reality of the scientist.

One way to understand this theory is to grasp that it is in most ways the opposite of scientific thinking, which is founded on the assumption that the natural, physical world is the "real" world and the only one that we can truly understand. Thus the physical, living people we see in the natural world are transitory but the concept -- the idea of -- "people" is eternal.

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This is true of everything else in the physical world: Meanwhile the concept of tree or fruit are eternally unchanging. I'll make more sense of this, below, with circles and triangles, so hold tight and read on if you're confused. The Sensible and the Intelligible: Our knowledge is divided between that which we gain through our senses, or sensible [or sensory] knowledge — what I can see and hear etc.

Idealism and The Platonic Forms: And that t hese truths are eternal.

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Please try again later. I love the fact that Nanci Danison came back from the dead to tell us what she learned on the other side. She is amazing because she understands God's perspective.

Eternal Truths: Ideas & Concepts (Unabridged)

Very few people understand God's perspective. I loved this book because she took us through the history of religions on this planet. She confirmed what I have suspected all along. That worshiping humans as God's is ridiculous. I also like that she points out how humans are mostly animal in nature and how the soul controls very little of our human life. The reason humans are on the verge of completely destroying all life on this planet is because of human's nature to compete, judge one another and be jealous of one another.

In the third epoch we have a lot to look forward to on this planet.

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The humans who remain will be less violent and competitive than ever before in history. I am looking forward to the transition to our new evolutionary process on this planet. Greed and destructive behavior will not be tolerated in the near future. This book is definitely worth reading. I highly recommend it.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book- I had been dying to read it. I would like to thank Nancy personally for all of the hard work and dedication she has put into sharing her experience for the good of all. I felt so much better about life in general after reading this book. It helped me release the fear and judgment I had been faced with all my life. I know it will cause a lot of kicking and screaming from the Christian community, but it explains why Buddhism has always appealed to me over all other religions, and Christianity always made me so uncomfortable.

Thank you Nancy for releasing this book. I admire Ms Danison for writing about her experiences. I've been on my spiritual path for a very long time and have realized that everyone's journey is just that, very individualized.

The Biblical Truth About Hell

Everyone has special information that they bring with them either before they incarnate or even after a near death experience like Ms Danison. Having said that, because of my own work and background in life between lives, even information that is coming from the Higher Realms through a current human filter, if you will, is not applicable to all beings.

Personally these books were not for me, but perhaps others might find just the trigger that they have been looking for to help them confirm their own inner knowings and truths.

God and Eternal Truths | Paul Gould

The interview was intriguing but the books simply were not my truths and higher knowings, but I want to thank Ms Danison for writing so that I could have the experience of reading them. They may speak perfectly to someone else's truths.

Great information to make you think. She really spoke to my heart and to my beliefs. It answers a lot of questions about why we are here and the 'God' concept. I find her very truthful and it feels right how she comes across. This is 3 in a set of 3 books and by far the most enjoyable as she explains more about the whole thing of God and religions how they are a man made concept, which is something I have known for a long time now. Well worth a read to open up your mind and learn something totally worthwhile. The book was too short in my opinion. I wanted more information.

You may want to brace yourself if you are a Christian. Regarding her recount of human history, you may not like what she has to reveal about how Christianity evolved and the role that Jesus Christ played. This however is one of the main reasons why she apparently chose to come back and set the "history" record straight for the rest of humanity.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Lots of things I was aware of were revealed in this book. The depth of her experience was absolutely amazing for lack of a better descriptive adjective! Wish the entire human race could read and fully grasp the material she brought forth!!

God and Eternal Truths

So many humans are in the ' dark ' as far as who and what they really are! Did not want the book to end. Thanks Nanci for opening those doors of truth.