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General Hohce also reminded Tone that the formidable force he planned to lead would inflict much casualties to opposition encountered and many of his own loyal supporters in Ireland would also perish with consequences of minimising expected support throughout the country as had happened in the French Revolution. Tone was heartened by these humane sentiments as it was also his wish that unnecessary bloodshed would be avoided. British spies in France could also confirm that the French Treasury had allocated large funding to the French Admiralty and reported on preparations that were being made equipping the Fleet.

These fears were well founded and the French Fleet did invade Ireland in December , the proposed landing point being Bantry Bay and this failed when a fierce winter storm scattered the Fleet, the disarray and fearing the disgrace of defeat forced the French to abandon the invasion and return to France.


News of the attempted invasion, though a failure, fuelled the spirit of insurrection throughout Ireland and this spirit climaxed with the Insurrection in Ireland on Documented accounts of the strength of expected support the French would have received had the invasion been successful do not support this view but emanated from the strong spirit of freedom spreading throughout the country from the North of Ireland. Wolfe Tone succeeded in obtaining French assistance for another attempt in This small French force met little resistance and were devastated to learn on landing the news the Insurrection had been quashed and feared that a second planned invasion force had already left France without prior knowledge either, that the Insurrection was over.

The French marched over miles crossing the Shannon and were eventually defeated in a battle with the British at Ballinamuck, County Longford on September 8th.

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Matthew Tone and others were captured and sent to Dublin for trial. Many prisoners were taken and it is written in history that no mercy was shown to the Irish who had joined up with the French.


The United Irishmen Vol. Another disaster was to follow as Wolfe Tone had left France on the 20th. September with the largest fleet of 11 ships also unaware of all the failings of the previous attempts and four of the ships reached the entry to Lough Swilly on the North coast on the 10th. On this occasion the British were prepared and engaged and defeated the French at Lough Swilly leading to his capture, together with many other leading members of the United Irishmen. They were taken to Dublin to face trial.

Napoleon-proof your home: convert a Martello tower

These events highlighted to the British the serious lack of fortifications at major crossing points on the Shannon and the real threat of further landings by the French in the North of Ireland. After a short truce, war again broke out between England and France in and in view of past invasion attempts by the French, the British drew up plans to fortify likely landing places in Britain and around the coasts of Ireland.

British spies could again report that Boulogne had become an enormous Camp for a French Army of over The Royal Navy also made known their presence to the French and was ready to prevent the invasion force from leaving French waters. A comprehensive plan of fortifications was approved by the enactment of the National Defence Act to protect the English coasts from invasion and this plan was also extended to include Ireland. The function and purpose of the Towers in Ireland today differs from one to another.

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In Dublin while there are 21 Towers that remain standing many are derelict, some demolished, some are owned by government departments, and others are privately owned, some of which are habited and some uninhabited. We believe that Martello Tower Sutton represents the best and most sympathetic refurbishment of any Tower in Ireland.

  1. Napoleon-proof your home: convert a Martello tower | Art and design | The Guardian.
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  4. If you can't enable javascript please contact us for booking. You do not have the Flash plugin installed, or your browser does not support Javascript. Tower History Fear of an invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte reached panic proportions among the authorities in Ireland and England in and was the reason Martello Towers were built, first in Ireland and then in England.

    We needed them on our side. There are people who say the towers shouldn't become homes because this takes away from their historic role.

    Tower History

    But if they aren't going to be lived in, what's to happen to them? Those that hadn't been blasted away during target practice by the military have often been left to rot, and then demolished. It was the undulating new plywood roof, swooping over three-quarters of the battlements, that did most to turn Tower Y into a modern home. This elegant parasol not only provides a dramatic ceiling for the top floor living space, kitchen and dining area, it also allows mesmerising degree views of the Suffolk coast: Here is a special place to cook, entertain, or just while away the day.

    Stroll out onto the terrace and you feel as if you've walked from the bridge of a modern liner out on to its deck, where you stand bathed in light and sucking in sea air.

    Only the two spiral staircases beckoning from the sides suggest that, below decks, there's another dimension: Here, lit by windows set into those deep walls, is another ravishing living space. This circular living room boasts a large fireplace and sitting area, as well as a cloakroom, a storeroom and a lobby leading to the front door — set some 20ft up from the ground and reached by a straight new steel stairway.

    Directly below that thrilling space, there are cosy bedrooms, the main ones ingeniously lit by lightwells cut through the brick at steep angles.